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CaseWORTH is a comprehensive and innovative legal software application for law firms. It helps you efficiently and expertly manage the enormous quantity of financial information for personal injury, medical malpractice, social security, and worker’s compensation cases. Organize and track medical bills, medical records, insurance payments, and personal expenses such as lost income and potential future earnings with CaseWORTH.

You probably use Excel, Word or just a 10 key calculator to manage the medical expenses, liens, subrogation payments, costs of collection, lost income, and other damages and expenses for your personal injury cases.  After all your hard work you just get totals – not useful details. CaseWORTH software gives you a structured, "fill in the blank" place to put your information. The math is done for you automatically and the details that support the totals are there – at your fingertips.

The CaseWORTH Damage Package report (pdf) helps you educate the other side about the details you want to emphasize.  This is equally effective for a large complex case, or a smaller simpler case.

The Settlement Calculator shows you the firm and client net for any settlement amount and it even takes negotiations with doctors and subro sources into account. Plus you get valuable, time saving reports like our Medical Treatment Timeline (pdf) and a Settlement Statement (pdf) - ready for the client's signature.

Your staff will learn and begin to use CaseWORTH very quickly - typically in about 1 hour. Once they see how easy it is they will wonder how they ever lived without it.


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Legal Assistant Today CaseWORTH Review May/June 2008 Issue

“Verdict: With CaseWorth, you not only eliminate the need for massive paper files, but you centralize all of your information in one area. Priced within reach of even the smallest firm, CaseWorth will have you wondering how you ever survived without it.”

NEWS: WORLDOX partners with CaseWORTH to better manage case documents

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