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Training & Help Videos | Phone & Live Remote Web Support | Priority Per-Incident Support
Additional Support Options | Guarantee | CaseWORTH™ System Requirements

Legality Software offers multiple options for CaseWORTH™ technical support. If you have any questions regarding these support options please feel free to contact

  • Self paced training resources are available in the Getting Started with CaseWORTH dialog. Just click "Help | Getting Started with CaseWORTH" and select an option from the left then click the <Take Me There> button.
  • Each CaseWORTH tab includes a <Video Help> button that plays a short video showing how to use that tab. Quicker than reading a manual, watch a short video and learn everything you need to know in 5-12 minutes.
  • Each CaseWORTH PC subscription license includes 1 hour of remote support with our support staff. We will even call your office to save you any long distance charges.
  • We offer free email support if your need is not urgent.
  • CaseWORTH is so easy to learn and use it's unlikely you will need more than the 1 hour of free support that comes with each PC. But if you need additional help, you may purchase Priority Per-Incident Support for $45 per incident.

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Training & Help Videos

Ready to start learning to use CaseWORTH? You should be ready to start building your own cases in about 1 hour with our video training/help system. Each new user should start by watching the 5 videos listed below in this order. There are other videos available from the <Video Help> button on each CaseWORTH tab but the ones below will give a new user a very good start.

1) Quick Start Video (11 minutes)

2) CaseWORTH Overview (25 minutes)

3) Medical Expenses Tab (17 minutes)

4) Medical Providers (6 minutes)

5) Subrogation Payments Tab (3 minutes)

We strongly urge every user to watch the videos, but if a user would also like to have something to read or some paper to hold, they can open and optionally print the "CaseWORTH Quick Start Guide (PDF)" from the "Help | Getting Started with CaseWORTH" dialog.

6) New Features in CaseWORTH Version 2 (10 minutes)

This video (#6) highlights the new features and capabilites in the new version 2 release. We are working to to produce new training videos that incorporate these new features. In the meantime, please watch this video to learn what else CaseWORTH can do for your firm.

Please feel free to contact us if your staff have any questions after watching these videos.

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Phone & Live Remote Web Support

Our support staff is ready to assist if you don't find what you need in the <Video Help>. Your subscription comes with 1 hour of free support and training for each PC license.

You may request support by email or call us at 501.588.4320 during our normal business hours (M-F, 9:00-5:00 CST excluding major US holidays). Either way we will be happy to call you back to save you any long distance charges. If you wish, you may initiate a Live Remote Web Support session to allow our support person to reach your PC while they talk to you on the phone. The Live Remote Web Support tool will allow our support person to actually see your screen and move your mouse while they explain the resolution to your issue. This Remote Web Support tool gives us the ability to solve most issues very quickly and/or provide training so you completely understand the resolution and can get back to work.

NOTE: No one can use this tool to connect to your system unless you first initiate the connection. You must click "Help | Request Remote Web Support" in CaseWORTH, download and run the support tool and click <I Agree> to indicate that you understand you are requesting our support personnel to connect to your PC. Your PC cannot be contacted remotely unless you first take these steps to allow the connection. Our support person will tell you when they have disconnected from your PC and they will not be able to reconnect unless you initiate a new connection. If you have any questions about our Live Remote Web Support option please email

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Priority Per-Incident Support

In the unlikely event that you use up the free support time included with your subscription, you can purchase additional support on a per-incident basis. Per-Incident technical support is available by phone/web based remote support on a $45 per-incident fee basis. Per-Incident support requests take priority over email requests. We do our best to respond to Per-Incident support requests within 4 working hours.

NOTE: You may want to consider the CaseWORTH Maintenance Plan (CMP) as an alternative to Per-Incident support. The CMP offers a block of Support Incidents and Free Software Version Upgrades for one year. Click here to learn more.

What is a Support Incident?

A Support Incident is a single support issue and the reasonable effort needed to resolve it, including follow-up by email and/or telephone. A single support issue is a technical question or a technical problem with CaseWORTH that cannot be broken down into separate issues. If a problem contains multiple issues, each will be charged as a separate Support Incident. An agreement about the issue and an acceptable solution must be made between the customer and a support technician prior to receiving support for the issue. Incident Support is only available to customers of currently available products and the latest version of those products.

Incident Resolution

An issue is considered resolved when a reasonable solution has been provided for the issue through any of the following outcomes:

  • Work-around - A reasonable work-around to correct or circumvent the issue has been provided.
  • Knowledge base - Identifying the incident as a known issue that has already been documented in the Knowledge Base, Product Manual, User Guides, or elsewhere.
  • Feature request - Determination that the incident is an enhancement or feature request, which is then forwarded to our product development team.
  • Bug report - The incident is submitted as a bug to Quality Assurance for review. The Support Incident fee will be waved if the issue is determined to be a bug in CaseWORTH.

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Additional Support Options

  • Pre-Sales - If you have not yet purchased any product, and you have pre-sales questions, please contact CaseWORTH sales department ( or call 501.588.4320)

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No guarantee, expressed or implied, is made regarding response time for support incidents, although we will endeavor to provide assistance on a timely basis. Legality Software is not responsible for any problems that arise at your site as a result of applying information supplied in connection with incident resolution. If problem resolution is not satisfactory, Legality Software will as appropriate and at its discretion refund the cost of a fee-based support incident. Legality Software reserves the right to change our support policies at any time.

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CaseWORTH System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 98, 2000/XP (Professional), Vista. While XP Home Edition is not recommended for use in networks, CaseWORTH will work on XP Home. NOTE: CaseWORTH will not work with Windows 95.

NOTE: CaseWORTH requires Microsoft .NET Framework v2.x or greater. The Microsoft .NET Framework is a FREE add on for Windows 2000/XP that provides support for applications like CaseWORTH. If necessary, .NET will be automatically downloaded and installed during the CaseWORTH installation. For more information see:

Processor: Minimum - Pentium II 233 Mhz, Recommended - Pentium III 450 Mhz or better.

RAM: Minimum 256 MB. If networked, double minimums on computer with shared drive or acting as server for database.

Hard Drive: 35 MB of available disk space

Network: Windows 32 bit Peer to Peer, Windows 2000/XP network, Novell 4.0 or later, Minimum - 10 Base-T Ethernet, Recommended - 100 Base-T Ethernet.

Screen Resolution: Minimum 800 x 600 pixels at 16-bit color resolution, 1024x768 provides a better experience.

CaseWORTH will not work reliably with the AOL browser.

Free Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later.

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CaseWORTH™ helps you build concrete documentation that substantiates your settlement demands.