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Training & Help Videos | Live Remote Web Training

Training & Help Videos

Ready to start learning to use CaseWORTH? You should be ready to start building your own cases in about 1 hour with our video training/help system. Each new user should start by watching the 5 videos listed below in this order. There are other videos available from the <Video Help> button on each CaseWORTH tab but the ones below will give a new user a very good start.

1) Quick Start Video (11 minutes)

2) CaseWORTH Overview (25 minutes)

3) Medical Expenses Tab (17 minutes)

4) Medical Providers (6 minutes)

5) Subrogation Payments Tab (3 minutes)

We strongly urge every user to watch the videos, but if a user would also like to have something to read or some paper to hold, they can open and optionally print the "CaseWORTH Quick Start Guide (PDF)" from the "Help | Getting Started with CaseWORTH" dialog.

Please feel free to contact us if your staff has any questions after watching these videos.


6) New Features in CaseWORTH Version 2 (10 minutes)

This video (#6) highlights the new features and capabilites in the new version 2 release. We are working to to produce new training videos that incorporate these new features. In the meantime, please watch this video to learn what else CaseWORTH can do for your firm.

7) Tracking MedPay and PIP in CaseWORTH (5 minutes)

MedPay is different from other Subrogation Sources in two ways: 1) MedPay is paid regardless of fault or the availability of other insurance. 2) MedPay payments do not have to be repaid to the insurance company, so they often end up in the claimant net. This video describes the process for managing MedPay and/or PIP payments in a CaseWORTH case file.

Please feel free to contact us if your staff has any questions after watching these videos.

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Live Remote Web Training

We offer our training courses in an online web meeting with a live person to guide you. We can cover the Basic or Advanced Training Course materials with you, or we can training you on specific questions you have about anything you need to do with CaseWORTH™.

Live Remote Web Training works just like our Live Remote Web Support. At your request, we will call your office to assist you. We pay for the phone call. Our instructor will allow you to connect to their PC over the web so you can both see and use his screen. He will guide you through the materials in the Basic or Advanced Training Course.

If you wish, you may allow the instructor to connect to your PC if you have questions about a specific case. This will allow both of you to see and use your screen. The instructor will be able to see the details behind your questions and show you how to do what you need to do on your own case file. Once the training session is ends the trainer cannot reconnect to your PC without you initiating the connection and entering a special password.

Live Remote Web Training is available by appointment only. Please contact us at to schedule a training session, or call 501.588.4320.

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